Earth at night / Observatories of the world

Earth at night / Observatories of the world (in german)

The spectacular night shots of our earth are fascinating and exciting in detail. Embark on a journey to the dark places and light-flooded areas of the earth.

Wherever people are at home on the planet, they leave patterns of light in the night. Where can you see metropolitan areas, rural areas, industrial locations and transport links? How do seas, vegetation and deserts appear at night? And which places have not yet been brightened up by artificial light sources? This impressive poster in large format explains and illustrates the well-known "Earth at night" photography of NASA in detail with many texts and cartographic elements.

In addition, the locations of the 100 most important observatories in the world are drawn in and listed with data. Of these, the largest scientifically used telescopes are located in the darkest places on earth, in order to be able to explore the star-studded sky in its original intensity undisturbed - a sight that unfortunately many people in the densely populated areas of civilization have lost.

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Earth at night / Observatories of the world (in german) - Poster 118,9cm × 57,4cm, gerollt

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