Our Milky Way Galaxy

Our Milky Way Galaxy (engl. edition)

Our own galaxy, didactically prepared and vividly illustrated..

The poster impresses with the great panorama, which shows the visual impression of the Milky Way as a shimmering band at the night sky. On it, the most prominent constellations, stars and selected heavenly objects are marked. Moreover, additional maps show our galaxy in different wavelength ranges and its physical meaning is explained. In addition, texts, photos and graphics deepen the understanding of our cosmic homeland: a journey from our solar system through the Milky Way to the neighboring galaxies conveys the distances and the structure of the universe. The schematic map in the center shows exactly where our sun and nearby "deep-sky" objects are located in the galaxy. It also gives an overview of the spiral arms. While they rotate around the center of the Milky Way, the objects in it go through their own life cycle. This development of stars and nebulae, and their relations are explained and illustrated by known deep-sky objects.

Our Milky Way Galaxy Our Milky Way Galaxy Our Milky Way Galaxy

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