Starmyths (in german)

Nineteen entertaining stories like the doings of the gods was placed on the starry sky.

What does the Orion have to do with the Scorpion? - these constellations are visible in the nightly firmament in very different seasons. Perseus, Andromeda, Hercules - well-known figures from the ancient world of the gods, striking constellations in the sky - but do we know the stories that surround them?

The book Starmyths by the author Eva Hölzelová comprises 19 chapters with myths and legends about the constellations of the northern hemisphere. It shows in an entertaining way how the constellations are linked to the goings-on of gods, heroes and other beings. This is supplemented by stories from other cultures in the world, some of which interpret the star constellations - as they are familiar to us - quite differently.

A detailed astronomical section is attached to each chapter. It contains texts for each constellation treated, star maps as well as tables and data on stars and the brightest deep sky objects.

A book that you should definitely tell non-astronomers!

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Starmyths - paperback, 212 pages, 17cm × 24cm + free copy of the poster "Das Astronomische Jahr 2022"

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