Säulen der Schöpfung

Pillars of Creation

The best astronomical images from the James Webb and Hubble Space Telescope and the European Southern Observatory (ESO) as photo prints.

For decades, the Hubble Space Telescope has brought us closer to distant galaxies, star clusters and nebulae of our own Milky Way and the planets of the solar system with numerous impressive color images. But the photographs of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) through the largest earth-based telescope together with the associated reports from astronomical research are no less fascinating. With the James Webb Space Telescope, a new optical instrument has recently been doing its work in space – and its first images are spectacular: In the infrared range, the celestial objects appear in a way we have never seen them and with an image resolution that has never been achieved before!

We offer a selection of these particularly impressive astronomical images as high-quality, large-format photo prints. This guarantees that every wall is an eye-catcher.

This image shows the „Pillars of Creation“, a part of the Galactic Nebula Messier 16, 6500 light-years away, as seen by the James Webb Space Telescope.

Säulen der Schöpfung Säulen der Schöpfung

The following versions are available:

Säulen der Schöpfung - Fotodruck, 56cm × 100cm,, gerollt

each 12.90 EUR incl. VAT 19%

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