Solar Eclipse Foil

Solar Eclipse Foil

by TSE17 - 100% safe and certified - Meets the requirements for filters for direct observation of the sun according to DIN ISO 12312-2: 2015

  • Suitable for making your own solar filters for telescopes, binoculars, still and video cameras or solar eclipse glasses
  • Protection by using material made of black polymer
  • Provides a very natural orange-yellow solar image
  • Constant brightness and neutral density with any aperture
  • Light weight – will not cause balance issues
  • Solid surface in comparison with other thin filter films that will easily develop wrinkles and creases
  • Very resistant to damage

Security advise

Never look at or near the sun without a tested solar protection filter. The solar filter must be installed on the objective lens, not on the eyepiece lens! Because of the light beam, the filter film would be destroyed and eye damage or even complete blindness would be the consequence. Check the solar filter foil before each solar observation to ensure it is undamaged. Children must be under constant supervision and be instructed. Never leave the optics unattended. Take frequent breaks (every 3 minutes) when oberserving the sun. Do not look at the sun after an eye operation or other eye ailment. Make sure the self-made solar filter fits exactly and has safe hold. Do not expose the solar filter film to high temperatures for a long time.


Clean the foil only if it is absolutely neccessary! Small grains of dust do not disturb the sight in any way. For cleaning use a lint-free and soft cloth and moisten it with a little water. Then clean the foil very carefully and without pressure.

The following versions are available:

Solar Eclipse Foil - DIN A4, plane - 1 pc.

each 19.90 EUR incl. VAT 19%