Astronomie-Verlag – a publishing house with unique posters, calendars, books and star maps for star lovers.

The first appearance of the poster The Astronomical Year in 2011 was the starting point for the Astronomie-Verlag. Since then, Susanne and Peter Friedrich and Stephan Schurig have expanded the publishing program year after year. According to the motto We make astronomy, the first priority is the joy and fascination of the starry sky and the universe and not economic pressure. This is exactly what the founders of the publishing company want to pass on to both the loyal readership and all authors. Because in this way, even very unusual works can be realized that would otherwise not be available in any publishing house.

Susanne and Peter Friedrich, both PhD astronomers, and Stephan Schurig, geographer and IT service provider, are long-time amateur astronomers and are known as authors of astronomical books, articles and maps. With theier experience and theier own standards, they ensure that all of the projects are of high quality.

More titles from the astronomical field are planned for the future.

We are constantly looking for further suggestions for astronomical publications. Do you have an idea or suggestion as to which astronomical product we could implement? Then get in contact with us.