The first edition of the poster The Astronomical Year in 2011 was also the starting point for the astronomical publishing house “Astronomie-Verlag“. It was originally designed as a self-publishing company by Susanne and Peter Friedrich and Stephan Schurig in order to further develop the earlier almanach “The Astronomical Year“. With the book Lunar Eclipses in 2015 and the poster Our Milkyway in 2016 two more titles have been added to the publishing program.

An new version of The Astronomical Year is published every year in autumn. The poster with the concept of presenting all important sky data of one year in a compact and clear way enjoys a loyal readership. The Space Calendar 2018 is the first popular science title to appeal to a broad readership and extends astronomical publishing program of the publishing house.

Susanne and Peter Friedrich, both PhD astronomers, and Stephan Schurig, IT service provider, are longtime amateur astronomers and known as authors of astronomical books, articles and maps.

For the future, further titles from the astronomical area are planned.