Das Astronomische Jahr 2024

The Astronomical Year 2024 (in german)

All you need to observe the starry night sky!

Unique poster by Susanne Friedrich, Peter Friedrich and Stephan Schurig which compiles and illustrates the most important events at the night sky during a year. The large diagram shows the rising and setting of the sun, moon and the planets during the year. In addition twilight times, moonshine ("Deep Sky window"), the phases of the moon and the relative sizes of the planets can be read off. The most important events are explained with short texts and illustrated with graphics. 12 star maps show the nightsky for every month in the year.

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The following versions are available:

The Astronomical Year 2024 (in german) - DIN A1 poster, rolled
The Astronomical Year 2024 (in german) - DIN A1 poster, folded to DIN A4

each 10.90 EUR incl. VAT 19%

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